Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Train to Dominate, Train to DESTROY! February 11, 2012

Since JoJo opened ECU, he has made it a point to host regular seminars. I've loved every single one of them. Now JoJo has upped the ante, and is making ECU "CHOP CERTIFIED".

Yeah, that's right, Dustin Denes will host a seminar at ECU on February 11th.

I could write for hours about Mr. Denes' accomplishments, but I think everyone who reads this would enjoy watching him on YouTube more. So go watch!

As Mr. Denes is a triangle ace, I expressed concerns to JoJo that this might not be a seminar for me, his immediate response was, "Henry, don't miss this seminar."

I hope that I'll see everyone who reads the ECU BJJ and MMA blog on February 11th.

I'm already registered!


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