Friday, November 26, 2010

Congrats to the New ECU Promotions

Last night I attended an outstanding seminar, courtesy of "Rob G." Thanks to the seminar, I have plenty of ideas for new posts, but I want to get this out fast. JoJo promoted five new Purple Belts and a brand-new Blue Belt.

Congrats to all:

Purple Belt
Kith Pradhan
Terrence Cheng
Matt Kachmar
Tom Waldren
Adam Dickerson

Blue Belt
Anderson Perez

Since, I never like to leave my readers without visuals, here's a quick video of Tom Waldren in a match with elite ECU competitor Brian Kim...

Now I'm stuck with every writer's favorite problem. We've had such a great month at ECU, that I have tons of material. Rob's seminar only added to those tons.

How am I to choose?


  1. Congrats to all the new belts

  2. Awesome job Henry. Just a quick correction its Anderson Perez! lol

  3. Congrats to all those promoted, including myself!!

  4. Great Job Henry!! (its crappy when names are spelled wrong ;-)

  5. Out of interest, what's the promotion ritual like at your school? Randomly called up after class to get your belt, resulting in applause and a handshake? A formal test and then promotion? Tough rolling, your new belt, then getting thrown by all the black belts? Belt whipping?