Monday, February 14, 2011

The Goal is Black Belt!

On Saturday February 12, 2011, ECU Fairfield added to the excellent ECU tradition of great seminars by hosting ECU founder JoJO Guarin, and ECU Competition Team Instructor – and World-Class Competitor Jonathan “JT” Torres.

While my participation was mostly limited to photography, I learned a lot. JoJo and JT demonstrated a lot of cutting-edge techniques. Some of them deviated so far from “accepted BJJ” that I almost wanted to question them. Fortunately, I decided to keep my mouth shut. JT and JoJo made it clear why they like these new techniques.

While I can think of many topics that I hope to cover from this seminar, I want this post to focus on one that JoJo stated:

“Everyone in this room’s goal is Black Belt!”

I’ve been in the BJJ game for less than five years. I’m not a prodigy, nor am I an expert, but I’ve seen students with huge potential falter because they became so obsessed on achieving the rank of Blue Belt that once they achieved that rank, their dedication faltered.

We should focus on the ultimate goal, Black Belt!

It may take us years, and we may arrive there by different paths, but let’s all enjoy the journey.

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