Thursday, March 3, 2011

Competition Season!

While I’m still mostly watching (injured toe), I can’t help but notice the increasing intensity at ECU, it’s Competition Season! There are numerous competitions coming soon, and JoJo wants all of us to take our training more seriously:

“I expect everyone who competes for ECU to be willing to go through the grinder.”

An ECU class is never easy, but Competition Season classes are nothing less than scary these days. Everyone’s bringing their best to every class. Students who usually come to class two or three times a week are now coming four or five:

“If you're going to compete, you have to put in the time.”

While most of us might daydream about having our hand raised as a World Champion, it will take more than just daydreams. A successful competitor must be focused and serious. They must plan for success and then execute that plan:

“Set a goal and finish it!”

While this increased intensity makes an excellent forge for ECU competitors, it doesn’t exclude newer students, or those who don’t compete regularly. We all improve as our friends and training partners improve.

Even if some of us feel an added pressure to train more intensively, JoJo makes an excellent analogy:

“Put enough pressure on a lump of coal and you get a diamond!”

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