Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, ECU hosted a New Year’s Eve Open Mat from 12PM to 6PM. Since I’ve never been a morning person, I arrived around 2 PM – just as the first wave of ECU warriors were leaving.

Fortunately, there were still some students ready to play. We managed several rounds of sparring, and I was pleased to see how far my training partners had progressed.

Even after that group left, I stuck around knowing that some great friends of mine were on the way. Instead of sparring, we decided to drill some techniques.

Eventually, I had to leave. Three and a half hours is enough for me, but I left knowing that I ended my BJJ year of 2010 right.

Special Announcement!


Professor Robert Gutierezz has established the latest branch of the ECU family tree in Queens, NY.

“Rob G.” is a great instructor. I’ve had the honor to attend two of Professor Gutierrez’ seminars, and interview him. Based on that knowledge, I say with confidence that anyone who trains with “Rob G” is headed in the right direction.

While Professor Gutierrez’ technique is impeccable, it’s his understanding of the mental aspect of BJJ that impresses me the most.

That was # 24.

Coming up next are JoJo's plans for 2011 and my twenty-fifth post.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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