Saturday, January 15, 2011

“Mean, Nasty, and Slow! (Jared Weiner Seminar Part 1)

On Saturday January 15, ECU hosted BJJ United founder Jared Weiner for a seminar. JoJo credits Jared for inspiring him to open ECU. Having trained with Jared in the past, I knew this was a seminar that I couldn’t miss.

I wasn’t disappointed.

We opened with an extremely slick takedown. I could see the its effectiveness immediately – especially for ECU students.

Jared then expounded upon what will happen after the takedown. He explained how to pass the guard after the takedown, and then moving to a submission. As Jared demonstrated each technique in the series, I was ecstatic. Everything he taught seemed ideally suited to my game. Jared's techniques emphasized positioning, pressure, and patience.

After the seminar, I told Jared, how much I enjoyed the seminar, and how well the first portion fit my game so well, especially his motto of mean, nasty and slow.

Jared, just smiled and said, "Mean, nasty, and slow, that way they'll remember you."

Yesterday's seminar was great, and I have a lot more to say about it. In fact, I may even need to bring in a guest writer or two to cover it all.

I want to especially thank JoJo and Jared for putting together such a great afternoon.

As always, thank you for reading the ECU BJJ and MMA blog.

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