Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Latest visit to ECU Fairfield

This past Wednesday I was in Fairfield, so I decided that rather than battle I-95, I would train at ECU Fairfield. ECU Fairfield is a great facility located on Boston Post Road in the heart of downtown Fairfield. Open less than a year, ECU Fairfield already boasts sixty-seven students.

I was a little late, since I had attended a book signing (Baba Booey!) across the street, but was welcomed by ECU Fairfield Directors Joe Oppedisano Jr. and Alex Nachaev. Since the class was predominately White Belts, Alex demonstrated an excellent combination of fundamental techniques – Sweep to Americana to Armbar.

After drilling these techniques for a while, it was time to train. I managed to get in two rounds before my hamstring started acting up, and was extremely impressed by both Peter and Matt. If their skills are any indication, and I believe they are, Joey and Alex definitely have their students on the right track.

Whether it’s North White Plains, New York or Fairfield, Connecticut, the name East Coast United means quality training.

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